Modifications and Changes

Roof Rack Ver 3.0

After noticing some weak areas on my roof rack I made for my RTT, it was evident that either I add more metal and make it heavier, or go with a rack that was initially meant for the purpose.  The rack also was mainly meant for the RTT and nothing else, remove it and the rack would not support anything, unless I added more structure and weight.  Also, removing the RTT required removing the roof rack with the tent still mounted.  Sure with 2-3 strong people that wouldn’t be the case, but since I’m basically a one man operation, that doesn’t work out to well.

ARB Bumper Modifications

For a while I have been wondering what the 60 ARB bumper would look like without the upper hoop portion. The main reason why is because I like the stock look of the front end, and would like to have the best of both worlds. I realize that there are a few bumper manufactures that provide these models and variations, but I didn’t want to buy another bumper. After searching around, I didn’t find one that was done, specifically on a 60/62. So, out came the saw and here’s what I ended up with.

Lilly Reboot Part 2

Today continued the go through process, identifying parts and components that will be replacing.  Still need to wash it really well.  Given the fact that Lilly is still not registered yet due to waiting on duplicate title, can not get to a car wash facility and my apartment complex is against washing of vehicles in your spaces.  So until I wash it, I can not start cleaning and buffing the exterior.

Project Diesel Lilly, Part 1

By Eric

As with most of the projects that Tony and I do on the wagons, one usually follows suit in some fashion when one improves or modifies something for the better. So there is no surprise that Lilly is shedding her spark plugs for her a diesel engine of her own.

Wheelbase and Track Width

There is a lot of discussion about just what is better, short or long, wide or narrow.   While our wagons are pretty much set when it comes to length there is some room to change the width either through an axle swap or wider rims.  But you need to realize there are trade offs.

Recently I got to go wheeling with two very different FJ 40’s that pointed out differences in wheelbase and track width very clearly.  And it was really interesting to see how my wagon and their 40’s all handled the same obstacles.

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